The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) recently arrived in Jamaica for the Exercise Event Horizon, a multinational multi-agency and multi-domain exercise aimed at strengthening cooperation and collaboration within the region for maritime safety, security, humanitarian assistance, and disaster response.

Since arriving to the island, Commanding Officer, First District Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Miguel Ferguson paid a courtesy call to the RBDF and used the opportunity to greet the Exercise Event Horizon command team from The Bahamas led by Commander Nevada Bain as well as the team of Bahamian military vessel, HMBS Lawrence Major, commanded by Senior Commander Omarv Saunders.

The visit showcased the commitment of both the RBDF and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) towards fostering strong relationships and promoting joint operational procedures.

The team of RBDF personnel have also been able to successfully establish its container city, providing an efficient and self-sustainable centre of operations for its troops.

The Exercise Event Horizon serves as a crucial platform for all participating entities to strengthen their capabilities, improve tactical interoperability, and enhance their preparedness and response capabilities. Thirteen entities have contributed to the planning of the exercise, ten of which are actively participating, showcasing their dedication to building stronger collaborative efforts.

These participants include: the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, Jamaica Defence Force, Colombian Navy, Turks and Caicos Islands Regiment, Dominican Republic Air Force, Dominican Republic Navy, Haiti National Police (Coast Guard), Cayman Island Coast Guard, Costa Rica Coast Guard, Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Port-Au-Prince, Panama Air and Naval Service, Belize Coast Guard, and the Canadian Armed Forces, who are active overseers of the exercise. This further solidifies the commitment of all nations involved towards preserving peace, safeguarding maritime boundaries, and aiding in times of crises.

We will you keep informed with the ongoing activities during the exercise. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to strengthening regional relationships with the aim of enhancing maritime security, not only in The Bahamas, but within the region.

Photos by Able Seaman Michael Turner II

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