RBDF Photo shows: Captain Glenn McPhee, Acting Captain Coral Harbour, presenting Able Seaman Emilio Smith with his certificate after completion of the Skill-at-Arms Instructor Course on Friday November 20, 2020 at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR. Shown at left is Senior Commander Chappell Whyms, Commander Operations. (Photo by Able Seaman Paul Rolle II).

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King’s vision of professionalism of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, a total of forty-six Marines form the Royal Bahamas Defence Force are better equipped to defend and safeguard the country against illicit activities, after successfully completing training courses on November 20, 2020 at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR.

Twenty-six Marines graduated from the Commando Squadron’s Basic Infantry Training (CSBIT) and Military Police Classification Course, and an additional twenty Marines were also successful in completing the Skill-at-Arms Instructor Course. Comprised of marines from the various sections of the Commando Squadron, and the Military Police/Force Protection units, the forty- five males and one female successfully conquered the challenges they faced.

Conducted by versatile skilled instructors of the Commando Squadron department, the vigorous four-week training program demanded both the mental and physical endurance of course participants. Subjects covered on the CSBIT Course included Use of Force Continuum, Active Shooter, Duties of a Sentry, Land Navigation, Range Exercise, Patrolling, Small Arms, and First Aid.

The Skill-at-Arms Course qualifies instructors to plan and execute exercises which include range work and battle preparedness lessons. It allows them to be better prepared whilst carrying out their duties, and to maintain military bearings when working with other Law Enforcement Agencies.

In congratulating the graduates, Captain Glenn McPhee, Acting Captain Coral Harbour stated that this particular training exercise, which was to ensure that members of the Defence Force undergo Basic Infantry Training upon completion of their New Entry Training, better equips and prepares them to confront today’s security threats. As RBDF Marines prepare themselves to lead the front line, he expressed his confidence that the participants will continue to uphold the Force’s mandate of guarding our heritage.  

Commando Squadron is headed by Lieutenant Commander Clinton Johnson and the Chief Instructor for the course was Petty Officer Quincy King. During the graduation Ceremony, participants were awarded Certificates of Completion for both courses. Petty Officer King commended the Marines for their outstanding performances, as he ensured that the foundational pillar has been established as it applies to decentralization for the Marines.

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