Anotherbody believed to be of a Haitian national that was part of a vessel that reportedly capsized a week ago was brought into the capital early Tuesday morning by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

At 5:30 am, HMBS MADEIRA brought the badly decomposed body of a male into the Defence Force Base and handed it over to the coroner’s office for processing. It was retrieved off Double Breasted cay by RBDF Military divers. Also, a shipwrecked vessel was also found on the northern tip of the cay.

This brings a total of 4 bodies which have since been retrieved in the Ragged Island chain after a group of 31 Haitian migrants were discovered on the cay and brought to the capital on 21st January.  

As officials continue to probe into the matter, members of the Public are advised to call in any sightings to the Defence Force Operations Center at (242) 826-03117.

 The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to patrolling our borders and protecting the territorial integrity of The Bahamas.

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