Defence Headquarters, March 8, ‘24 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) participated in a press briefing held at the Office of the Prime Minister to address the ongoing unrest in Haiti and its potential impact on the Bahamas. Commodore Raymond King, alongside Sn Lt Julien Smith, provided a detailed update on the situation.

The briefing acknowledged the significant challenges posed by the estimated 400,000 displaced Haitians and the recent escape of 3,500 prisoners. To mitigate these risks, Commodore King announced the establishment of a southern Bahamas blockade. This dedicated force will comprise six surface vessels, one aircraft, and 120 highly trained RBDF personnel. Patrol operations will focus on overlapping zones – the northern coast of Haiti, the Old Bahama Channel, and the Windward Passage – to deter and intercept any unauthorized entry attempts.

Collaboration remains a key aspect of the RBDF’s strategy. They will be working closely with regional and international partners who share a vested interest in maintaining maritime security, such as the Turks and Caicos through their bilateral agreement with the Bahamas, and the US Coast Guard whose ships already patrol the area.

Commodore King also addressed the role of the RBDF in the Multinational Security Taskforce. He emphasized that Bahamian troops will have a minimal footprint in Haiti, with the primary focus being maritime security operations. These operations aim to safeguard the seas from criminal activity like piracy, human trafficking, and illegal weapons transport, ensuring safe passage for commercial ships and travelers.

Commodore King concluded by reiterating the RBDF’s commitment to protecting the Bahamas and assured the public that the force is “trained, equipped, conditioned and positioned to either deter, detect and defend against any and all incursion of mass migration to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

By: CPO Al Rahming

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