Defence Headquarters, 30 JAN ‘23 (RBDF): Miss Eraina Yaw, Deputy Sub-Regional Coordinator of the International Organization for Migration, and her team engaged in a crucial meeting with the Minister of National Security, the Honorable Wayne Munroe K.C., Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King, and his Executive Leadership members at the Ministry of National Security January 25, 2024.

The primary focus of the meeting centered on fortifying efforts against illegal immigration, a pressing concern given the intricacies of immigration in today’s global landscape. Both the RBDF and the International Organization for Migration collaboratively shared insights and strategies aimed at bolstering immigration control and management.

A key element of the discussion revolved around the training of RBDF marines to enhance their proficiency in identifying human traffickers and their victims. This targeted training is a crucial step in addressing the global issue of human trafficking, showcasing the RBDF’s commitment to actively contribute to international security matters.

Moreover, Miss Yaw and her team emphasized the necessity for collaborative efforts to assess the effectiveness of current immigration policies and practices within The Bahamas. They underscored the significance of identifying areas of strength and improvement to ensure the nation’s immigration system remains robust, fair, and efficient.

This collaborative endeavor underscores the RBDF’s dedication to excellence in safeguarding our heritage and marks a significant stride in enhancing the nation’s capability to address immigration-related challenges. Upholding the highest standards, the RBDF reaffirms its commitment to protecting and preserving the rich legacy that defines our nation, ensuring its safety and security amid evolving global challenges.

Writer: Marine Seaman Rickey Sealey

Photographer: Marine Seaman Rickey Sealey

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