In a vibrant display of recognition and pride, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force’s (RBDF) Squadron Department celebrated its most dedicated members during a spirited Morning Colors ceremony held on January 31st, 2024, at HMBS Coral Harbour Base.

The ceremony resonated with gratitude, honoring the commitment and professionalism of the Ship’s Company of HMBS Nassau. These guardians of our nation’s heritage stood tall as their dedication to safeguarding the Bahamas was celebrated.

Taking center stage was Women Marine Naja Brown, beaming with pride as she was named the esteemed Marine of the Year. Praised for her exceptional adaptability, commendable conduct, and discipline in all aspects of service, Brown epitomizes the RBDF’s core values. Her remarkable achievement serves as a powerful inspiration to her peers, showcasing the high standards expected of all service members.

Beyond Brown’s well-deserved recognition, several other personnel were presented with certificates of appreciation. These awards acknowledge the relentless dedication and significant contributions they have made to the organization. Each recipient’s exceptional service has demonstrably advanced the RBDF’s mission and objectives.

The ceremony concluded with a resounding sense of camaraderie and pride. As the vibrant hues of dawn painted the sky, the Squadron Department stood united, their commitment to serving the Bahamas strengthened by the recognition of their peers. Under the visionary leadership of Commodore Raymond E. King, Commander of the Defence Force, the RBDF remains steadfast in its commitment to transforming the quality and capabilities of its personnel. This dedication to excellence in leadership and service is a testament to the RBDF’s ongoing efforts to cultivate a High-Performance Workforce aimed at achieving Performance Excellence. By fostering an inclusive and empowering working environment, the RBDF continues to inspire its members to reach new heights of professionalism and dedication.

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