Defence Headquarters, 24 Oct. ‘23 (RBDF): In keeping with Commander Defence Force Raymond
King’s strategic objective of talent management with focus on recognizing, rewarding high
performing members, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Engineering Department presented Able
Woman Marine Ashley Seymour with the Marine of the Quarter award on 24 October, 2023 at HMBS
Coral Harbour.

Able Woman Seymour Joined the organization on February 8, 2014 where she completed basic New
Entry Training. She then advanced to Technical Training and was later assigned to the Outboard
Workshop at the Harbour Patrol Unit, where she is still stationed.
Ever since joining the Outboard Workshop, she has attained various awards and certifications
including Mercury G3, Mercury Lower Units, Jet-Ski Instructor and Safe Boat Outboard

Honesty, Trustworthy, reliability and Integrity are all words to describe her character. She believes in
helping others and sharing knowledge with whoever is willing to learn, no matter what position they
may hold. Doing what it takes to get the job done even it means going the “extra mile” is one of the
things that she is known for and continues to display.

Presenting the award was the Base Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Nevada Bain. The
RBDF remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in “Guarding Our Heritage” and is committed to
upholding the highest standards to protect and preserve the rich legacy that defines our nation.
(By: W/M Raven Hepburn)
(RBDF photos by W/M Hepburn)

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