Defence Headquarters, 17 July. ‘23 (RBDF): In maintaining the strategic intent of the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King to develop a high-performance and professional workforce focused on performance excellence, Able Mechanic Devard Saunders was awarded Marine of the Quarter for the period of April to June 2023 at HMBS Coral Harbour Base on July 5, 2023.

Able Mechanic Saunders joined the Royal Bahamas Defence Force on January 23, 2016 and has spent seven years within the RBDF Engineering Department where his hardworking manner was recognized.

He is a certified gas and diesel engine Mechanical Engineer and continues to excel as an Electrician, proving himself as an exceptional engineer. Saunders has displayed an unwavering commitment to the Outboard Workshop section and his self-discipline and commendable work ethic has set him apart from his peers.

Making the Presentation was Acting Captain Coral Harbour, Captain Gregory Brown and Base Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Nevada Bain. The Royal Bahamas Defence remains committed in the pursuit of excellence while Guarding Our Heritage.

(By: Marine Seaman Rickey Sealey)

(RBDF Photo by: Marine Seaman Rickey Sealey)

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