Defence Headquarters, 08 FEB. ‘24 (RBDF): Entry 51/21 of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force celebrated its 10th anniversary by organizing a blood donation drive in support of the Doctor’s Hospital Blood Bank on Thursday, February 08, 2024.

Seeking to make a meaningful impact by giving back to the community, the entry who began their journey on February 08, 2014, recognized the persistent need for blood donations and the constant
shortage in hospitals in recent times. Because of this, they decided to take a selfless and proactive approach to address the issue.
Entry 51/21 subsequently collaborated with the Doctor’s Hospital Blood Bank, and arranged the initiative.

The entry made up of 84 members came to the blood bank throughout the day to make their donations and in addition to assisting those who need blood, it is also their hope that this initiative will raise awareness and inspire others to contribute to this life-saving cause.

“We were happy to mark our 10th anniversary with this blood donation effort,” said Leading Seaman Charvez McDonald, who spoke on behalf of the entry. “Every drop of blood donated can make a
significant impact on someone’s life, who may in some cases be a stranger to you, but is someone else’s loved one down the line, potentially even your own. So, yes, though we serve our country every day, we were happy to do something positive within and for the community itself.”

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