Under the leadership of Commander Valentino Rolle, the HMBS Matthew Town detachment demonstrated its commitment to community service and engagement during a recent initiative at the Matthew Town All-Age School on February 9-10, 2024.

Led by Leading Mechanic Kemuel Pratt, the team undertook a transformative community service project to enhance the school’s physical environment. The collaborative effort with the students not only ignited excitement but also actively involved them in enhancing the entrance to their school’s administrative office spaces.

Continuing their community engagement, the detachment team played a crucial role in the Career Day at the Matthew Town All-Age School, seizing the opportunity to mentor students and guide them in acquiring new skills. An aspiring young Marine was privileged to receive an exclusive tour of the RBDF Matthew Town Base and the Maritime Unit. During the tour, the student also had the chance to meet with Commander Valentino Rolle, who shared words of wisdom and guidance.

In this inspiring moment, the young Marine revealed that his motivation stemmed from his aunt, who recently joined the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. This heartwarming connection exemplifies the profound impact of the RBDF on the communities it serves.

This initiative seamlessly aligns with the vision of Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King, who emphasizes the importance of building strong, viable relationships with all community partners. The RBDF remains steadfast in its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in guarding The Bahamas’ heritage and upholding the highest standards to protect and preserve the rich legacy that defines the nation.

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