RBDF Commemorates 20-Year Partnership with Rhode Island National Guard at SPP 30th Anniversary Conference

At the State Partnership Program 30th Anniversary Conference held in Washington, D.C., Commodore Raymond King highlighted a significant achievement—the 20th anniversary of the enduring relationship between the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and the Rhode Island National Guard on July 17th 2023.

Under Commodore King’s leadership, this strategic partnership has continued to thrive, expanding from the National Emergency Management Agency to include other Security Forces and agencies responsible for humanitarian assistance.

The conference focused on mutual goals and objectives, emphasizing areas such as intelligence, communications, cybersecurity, search and rescue capabilities, institutional capacity building, and professionalism. Commodore King expressed gratitude to Major General Callahan and all involved parties for their unwavering support in safeguarding shared security interests.

The State Partnership Program, managed by the National Guard Bureau, fosters partnerships between geographic combatant commands and National Guard partners across the United States and its territories, benefiting both nations through coalition operations, training, and disaster response exercises. The program’s 30th Anniversary event serves as a platform to showcase achievements, engage distinguished guests, and envision a future of continued cooperation and progress.

The RBDF prioritizes personnel transformation and capability enhancement. Partnering with the State Partnership Program (SPP) strengthens our commitment to guarding our heritage. Through the SPP, we develop quality and capabilities, ensuring the defence of the Bahamas. Together, we fortify our nation’s security and embrace the future with confidence.

We remain dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage and we are committed to upholding the highest standards as we protect and preserve the rich legacy that defines our nation.

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