Defence Headquarters, August 21, ‘23 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Fire and Rescue Department, led by Senior Lieutenant Adrian Stubs, has accomplished a highly successful, training and inspection initiative at HMBS Matthew Town Inagua and Gunpoint Ragged Island. This training endeavor, which spanned from Monday, July 31st, to Monday, August 8th, 2023, marks a significant step in enhancing emergency response capabilities.

The training program was met with enthusiastic participation and achieved notable success. The curriculum, thoughtfully curated to cover a spectrum of critical subjects, encompassed key areas such as “Understanding Fire and Its Chemical Reactions,” “Strategies for Fire Prevention,” “Proficient Fire Extinguisher Handling and Utilization,” “Effective Techniques in Hose Management: Carrying, Throwing, and Rolling,” and “Optimal Entry Points for Efficient Firefighting.”

A pivotal aspect of the training involved the inspection fire and submersible pumps located at the Police facility in Matthew Town. These advanced pumps exhibit the capacity to provide invaluable support to both the Police and Defence Forces, in addition to benefiting the local Inagua community. During the inspection, certain minor deficiencies were identified, prompting immediate communication with ASP D. Ambrister from the Police Fire Services. Collaborative measures are already in progress to swiftly address and rectify these identified issues.

The resounding success of the training program has been underscored by the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from all participants involved. This accomplishment echoes the unwavering commitment of the RBDF Fire and Rescue Department to continually modernize training methodologies across all bases and Satellite Bases within the Force.

The overarching mission of the Fire & Rescue Department remains steadfast: to provide swift and professional service to the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and neighboring communities with the utmost pride, dedication, and excellence. This commitment extends to fire prevention, preparedness, and response, aiming to prevent loss of life, personnel injuries, and damage to RBDF property resulting from fires and emergencies. Furthermore, the Department plays a pivotal role in educating the public about fire prevention and related proactive measures.

Under Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond E. King’s leadership, the Defence Force ensures personnel are equipped, trained, and prepared for maritime security, disaster relief, and peacekeeping. This extends to domestic and regional operations, fulfilling our responsibilities with professionalism and preparedness.

The RBDF remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in guarding our heritage. We are committed to upholding the highest standards as we protect and preserve the rich legacy that defines our nation.


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