Defence Headquarters, 25 JAN. ‘24 (RBDF): The crew of HMJS Norman Manley, led by Lieutenant Commander Marlon McHugh, was warmly received by Marines and Officers of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force upon their arrival at HMBS Coral Harbor Base.

On Monday, January 22, 2024, Officers, and Junior Enlisted of the Jamaican Defence Force paid a courtesy call to Captain Coral Harbour, Captain Glenn McPhee where they also met with Department Heads. During the meeting, Captain McPhee extended pleasantries and the guests got the opportunity to converse with Presidents of the Officer’s Wardroom, Senior Rates, and Junior Rates Messes.

On Tuesday, January 23, 2024, HMJS Norman Manley berthed at HMBS Coral Harbor and Base First Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant Themo Berkley officially welcomed the crew on behalf of the Commander Defence Force and his Executive team. The visit included comprehensive briefings by RBDF personnel for the HMJS Norman Manley crew to enhance their operational readiness.

Force Chief Petty Officer Garvin Dean provided a detailed overview of safety protocols, ensuring seamless collaboration between the two maritime forces. Acting Force Chief Anoush Gould addressed the importance of maintaining a respectful environment as she briefed the crew on protocols to prevent forms of harassment.

The visit was marked by a memorable social event hosted by the Officer’s Wardroom that provided an opportunity for members of both forces to further solidify their bonds and celebrate the enduring friendship between Jamaica and the Bahamas.

To commemorate the visit, Commander Deleveaux, the Base Executive Officer, received a plaque, while the Commanding Officer and crew of HMJS Norman Manley were gifted coins in a ceremonial exchange. Senior Lieutenant Miska Clarke also presented Lieutenant Commander McHugh with a plaque to mark the occasion.

Lieutenant Commander McHugh expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts in fostering regional security and stability.

Commodore Raymond King is steadfast in his commitment to fostering enhanced collaboration between the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and regional partners.  The exchange of knowledge and expertise during this visit contributes to the continued success of joint maritime operations in the Caribbean and serves as force multipliers to effectively address potential and existing challenges.

RBDF photos by Marine Seaman Tenaj Wallace

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